New to online dating: does he like me?

Hope some guys can shed a light on this one.

I'm very new to online dating so this may seem obvious to you but unfortunately not to me right now.

The thing is that I've been emailing with this guy online for a while - a week. Its been pretty consistent with one email a day. But I couldn't write him back Tuesday because of plans and first got to it Wednesday evening. I asked a few open questions and thought that the letter was a good lengthy one.

He replied 3 days later answering my questions, but seem to only ask short and very closed questions himself. He asked at the end if I wanted to meet up some time in the upcoming few days.

Is he over me or what? I mean it is nice that he wants to meet but what's up with taking 3 whole days before replying? Am I being to fussy?


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  • you're prob being to fussy. Both of you have lives and are not always able to email each other. I wouldn't let the timing bother you.

    • thanks for the answer. Looking at my question again, I kinda see that I'm reading too much into this - oh well if it goes it goes :)

  • Yes. Some people forget to respond to things. Do you want to meet up with him?

    • I decided that I was gonna meet up with him no matter what - it couldn't hurt. Just couldn't figure out how it is possible to forget to write a message. It takes max. 10 min. :/

    • Don't worry about it. He still has a life outside of you right now. Be happy that he is interested in getting to know more about you.

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