This guy I like thinks I'm out of his league, how can I change his mind?

Basically I really like this shy guy and think he's lovely but he doesn't think I like him or would ever date him, even though I send him hints and flirt with him.

He seems to be intimidated by how I look and obv I can't change my looks, but I really want to date him and don't know how to approach someone so shy who would prob think that I'm joking if I ask him out.


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  • I'd say start a conversation with him, flirt when you do that touch him on the leg arm or whatever. It shows you're not afriad to enter his personal space and shows you're attracted to him. Most guys know when a girl is touchy feely they like them and it might make him think otherwise.


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  • Keep approaching him like you would any other guy, and just spend time talking with him.

  • Buy "She's is Out of My League" and let him watch it. Then role play the movie.

    • LOL come on need a real idea!

    • Go to a party or outing with him and a lot of your hot guy friends that he thinks are "In your League" then focus on him the whole time. That would give him a confidence booster.

  • Kiss him and show him that he is not

    • I wouldn't be that forward because he's so shy and that would prob wreck it tbh.

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    • Yeah but I'm not going to kiss him out of the blue, it doesn't even make sense. He gets so awkward around me its uncomfortable at times and think I might intimidate him even more if I'm so forward, need a real workable idea please!

    • Hey there are no workable ideas. Grab him by his waist and kiss him. Who cares about awkward. Life is too short. DO IT!

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