If you make an effort to say hi to a girl, will she notice?

Well, see, the girl I'm interested in was in a different group during class today and I didn't expect to see her at all (I was in another group), but there was a point where both groups ran into each other for a few minutes. I saw her, though she didn't see/look for me. After talking to various people, I made my way towards her, tapped her shoulder, and said hey at which point her group began to leave again, so I couldn't talk much.


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  • Depends on the circumstances. You didn't say anything about whether she noticed or not - But I guess she didn't judging by your question.

    It sounds to me like she was in a hurry because her group began to leave, and she had to tag along and just didn't that "Hey" from you.

    If a girl (or even a boy) isn't in a hurry or have anything else to do on, she'll probably notice if you say hi to her. I don't think she were ignoring you.

    • she noticed, she said hi back and I said "looks like your group's leaving"

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