Is it bad to be direct and bold about how you feel about a person or something they do that you don't like?

I'm starting to become this way. Mainly because I've dealt with people in my life who weren't that way when they needed to be. After feeling the disappointing, frustrating, annoying results, I guess my mind just kind of trained it's self not to be that way.

If someone is boring me or texting me and not saying very much, I'll say something about it like; "Why do you text me but you hardly say anything? You never talk about anything engaging."

If someone is being passive aggressive and ignoring my message, I'll say something like "If you don't want to talk to me, then just let me know instead of being so passive aggressive and tacky. It's rude."

If someone is talking about me behind my back, I'll say "If you have a problem with me, be an adult and come to me with the issue instead of acting like a 13 year old and telling everyone else."

If there's someone who wants to complain and whine about their problems for hours to me yet they are making no effort to change them, I'll say "If you're not doing anything about it then stop talking to me about it. There's no point of you doing all of this talking if you're not going to get up and make some changes."

To me, doing this eliminates any future confusion or annoyance/irritation or just diffuses situations from getting out of hand. Do you think this could make me come off as a bitch? Is this rude? Your thoughts on this?


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  • You can find nicer ways to say things directly. If you just blurt out something that abrasive it just makes you look like a bitch and negates the whole point of trying to correct their behavior. Rather than improving their interaction they'll just not deal with you at all.


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