Is being spontaneous a bad thing?

Is being spontaneous as well as living day to day as it was your last day a bad trait to have? For example; if one day I wanted us to just be adventurous and just hit the road have no destination. But knowing you are on the way to have the time of your life...


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  • I suppose it depends on what you are doing or how you go about doing it. It's not a bad thing to be spontaneous but you should be aware of your decisions on some level and how it effects you and others you care for ( if that factor comes into pay).

    I've come across a few people who just go with the wind and sometimes it's not the best choice. But once in a while or what have you is fine. Just be aware of the choices you make...I know it doesn't sound like much fun to think about your actions and it's much easier or "fun" to go with the flow but sometimes you have to. Although I think you are just talking about having fun and doing certain activities to keep things lively and from feeling trapped.

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