GUYS: when you change the way you text a girl suddenly?

my guy friend and I have been texting a lot. I'm sure he liked me back in January, but since then after meeting a guy friend of mine and a really awkward convo, he became totally convinced I liked some other guy and so I think he sorta gave up on me, and honestly I have no clue how he really feels about me lately, but I think he might like me I at least know he really cares about me. he only texts me first is he has a reason, like asking how my play went or asking if I had Facebook so I could go check out a cover tune he did on there. so usually I text him first, but he always replies usually within a minute or so. he used to use smilies in like every text usually even if I didn't. he's always asking how my day went and often talks to me even when he's really busy doing his favorite thing in the world-music. about a week ago after a really great evening convo he was really starting to open up to me and ask even more about me and it was pretty special and I thought that we were finally getting "closer" and maybe it would be different from then on out. then a few days later things suddenly felt really awkward. I sorta didn't know what to say cause I was so afraid of saying the wrong thing and messing up "the progress we'd made" so I didn't use any smilies and used shorter texts then normal and such..since then we've had two other convos and they've been just as awkward and I noticed he suddenly stopped using so many smilies (which surprised me). the first convo since he asked about my day which made it normal, but this last one he used no smilies, didn't ask about my day and it just almost felt like I was talking to a different person or something. why do you think it changed all the sudden? I'm feeling so confused and sorta hurt by it all right now I guess.


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  • For me personally, if a girl tells me she likes me I'll tell her straight up if I feel the same or if I dont. So if I were in your shoes, try starting a conversation with him and steer it towards talking about relationships.

    And if you feel comfortable enough to tell him, then go ahead and tell him that you like him. There's no point in spending time wondering "What-If?", it took me forever to learn that, and since then I have had no fear of telling a girl how I feel. If she doesn't feel the same, then oh well, lets be friends.

    So my advice is to tell him how you feel, if he doesn't feel the same then at least you know you don't have to waste anymore time wondering.

    Good luck to you sweetheart =)


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