Does absence make the heart grow fonder?

guy I'm dating is away on business and I'm away with my family for over a week during that time we will not be able to talk, we are both overseas.

before we left hewas quite into me and asked to see me when I get back but since we cannot talk it makes me worried.

it makes me miss him like crazy.. if he likes me do you think he is missing me too?

and he wouldn't ask to see me when I got back if he wanted to dump me right?

on our last date he seemed very into me and kept hugging me and kissing me and holding myhand, and he said he wants to know as soon as I'm good? I can't get him out of my head


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  • Only if your in love. If not you will just drift apart.


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  • If you really really care for someone then yes especially if you have so much to say but if not no it just makes the person a good or bad memory.

    • Lol girl he's into you :D just give in to the attention for now and go on some more dates :))