Guys..would you text a girl for 6 hours if you didn't like her?

Been texting a guy on and off for six hours. About.50 texts have been exchanged. He initiated.

So...would you text a girl that long if she was purely a friend to you or would you only do it if you were you?

Interested in her*

We've kinda been joking with one another the majority of the time, I'd say playful teasing/joking


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  • If she's a friend she's a friend. doesn't matter how long we text. I've shared over 500 texts with a girl who only considered me a friend. who cares as long as I have unlimited texting?

    • Yeah I've.exchanged like 1000 with one of my guy friends but that's over a long period of time. I've never texted him over a six hour period in one day.

    • If you're having a good conversation which it sounds like you have a good time joking around you could go the whole day I would suspect. He obviously enjoys your company. Is it enough to suggest anything more than that? I don't feel there's enough evidence to say that yet.

    • thanks for the input. I like this guy so obviously I kept the convo going. When my other guy friends text me, I don't do the same. I certainly wouldn't text them over the course of six hours.

  • haha Noooo, no way! We want something out of it.


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