Why did he stop returning my text messages?

Ok, I really suck at dating. No one asks me out... hence I'm single. I tried online dating but again I'm pulling teeth to get a date... I HATE THIS SO MUCH.

I know I'm not ugly, people say I'm pretty and even the guys on there said that. However, when we make plans even if its just to make out or whatever they stopped returning my msgs like after a week. What gives? by the way I'm not calling them and I haven't constantly msged them (after 2 days I'm just like hello?) lol

At first they were so flirty and stuff, I really really hate this. I just want a f***ing date for once in my life. I'm smart, funny and have friends... really would like to share my life or time with someone k before I start crying I am going to end this question thing lol


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  • Wow I feel you completely. We have a lot in common in this area.

    I have the same problems, only its different because of our gender roles. After I ask a girl out, the date always seems to go well, and then I just won't hear from her or she'll be distant...its rediculous and it hurts.

    I think when this happens most of the time theyre playng the "nice" card. Theyre just letting us down easy or making excuses not to see or hang with us again and I think its insulting.

    I can't really answer your question, but I guess just keep your head up and know you're not alone. If it helps, I wouldn't ignore you.


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  • I am reminded of an article I read online.

    It was about online dating.

    It started in the mid 60's.

    Back then1

    It was nothing but "BIG" punch card computers.

    At that time there were college students that started the dating service.

    1 of the founders tried it!

    He found someone!

    Went out with the girl.

    Came in the next day, and said about his date:"she did not have much upstairs!...But! She had a great staircase!"

    All online dating does is let you know who is available!

    The problem could be that you are rushing it!

    Texting and all!

    Let them come/text you 1st.!

    Then! decide!

    If nothing comes about!

    Move on!

  • Maybe, one factor about you just turns them away, It is good that you are smart, and funny, and could hold a friendship, but why they don't message is sort of odd.


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  • They might just be too busy with other girls they find more interesting