Both of us are single for 2 years, hard to get rid of the habit?

We both were used to be single, and don't know how to start the date or how to work in a relationship.

So we are not that romantic, just stay at a place and talk or make out.

Sometimes he's busy at work, and we both have our separated life. I enjoy being with myself or hang out with my friends, so does he.

But I know we need to hang out as couple, although we both love our own life.

We can't always meet because of distance,I don't think we are eager to change now.What should we do to make things run smooth?

are we too lazy to change?


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  • I think he likes to hang out with you and enjoys your company very much, but would not sacrifice anything to be with you or even work that hard to have you. It's OK if you like it that way. If you're happy, then keep it like that.

    It's not about laziness. I think it's because you aren't THAT attached to either other intellectually and emotionally. Maybe you need each other to avoid feeling lonely. It's nice to have someone who loves you or even just attracted to you from the opposite gender. I don't think you love each other though.

    Are you satisfied with this kind of relationship? You really need to ask yourself this question. If you do, then tell him right away and see how it goes from there. If he's willing to compromise and satisfy your needs, then the guy really cares for you and does not want to lose you. If he does not feel like doing more, then it's your choice to leave or stay.

    I do think he appreciates your existence in his life, enjoys your company and that's it.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • it seems like your more like a friends with benefits. you know how they say to people who are alike don't click? that's how I feel about you two. like you both need different people in your life, ones who are more romantic and adventerous. you know?