Was he playing me or was it real?

i met this guy last summer over fb seriously didn't think anything would happen but we just clicked and we text 24/7 and talked every night on the phone for at least an hour and he would send me paragraph long texts about how I was he "diamond of the rough" and he wanted to give me his last name how my kindness reminded him of his grandma he remembered everything I told him and after 5 weeks of that we finally went out and met in person. we kissed for like an hour its so unlike me but I don't know he kissed my forehead and my hand before he actually kissed me. when we would talk he told me personal things about his life and he was never dirty when we text but after our date he started being distant he said he had a lot going on with his family and he was depressed so I tried to help a few more days passed and I confronted him told him I really wanted to be with him told him I would take care of him and help him he basically told me he had a lot going on and wasn't ready for a relationship but that he did care about me and wanted to be with me in the future so I never text back I just needed time to process it. anyways I tried to talk to hi when school started it was a little awkward but then I moved and he did text me about a month later on my birthday but just short convo anyways I came back to school and I completely ignored him I just didn't know what to say because I cared so much about him the thing is I don't know if he played me the whole time or he actually cared. he told me before that he had dated a lot of girls and I've heard from people that too plus I knew that after we stopped talking during the time I was gone he had kissed a few girls. I just want to get this out of my head figure out once and fore all if he really cared about me obviously I care about him if its almost been a year since we talked. I need guy advice would a guy do this if he was playing a girl? sorry its really long.


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  • Weird! Did you have sex with him? If you did, he may have gotten what he wanted and now on to the next as most guys do. If you didn't, maybe he didn't feel a connection when he met you in person and didn't know how to tell you. When a guy says " he has a lot going on right now", that is a true sign he isn't interested anymore. If a guy really cared about you and wanted you in his life, it wouldn't matter what he has going on, he will make time for you because he wants you in his life. Lame excuse, I hate when guys use that. Its an easier way of saying, I am too busy for you and not interested. Move on girl, there are so many other guys that will give you the time and attention you deserve. Next time you see him, act as if you are happy as can be and that him blowing you off hasn't effected you. That will eat at him more than anything, even if he thought he wasn't interested anymore, he will be curious!


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  • It was real, but given the circumstances that you moved and he was depressed because of family issues, it is kind of hard to love when people are so far away.


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  • I don't think he was playing with you in the beginning. But one thing for sure was that things were going on so fast. and just like girls, it freaks out guys as well.

    I don't think it matters the fact if he was playing with you or not.
    Thing is that he stopped being how he was with you in the beginning and just left you there and kissed other girls.
    Shows he isn't worth it. Move on.