Is it wrong to kiss a married woman if she is doing a favor?

So, I'm a strapping 19 year old kid who has never been kissed. Skip a long story, I have a friend (who is maybe my best friend) who is 38 years old and married. She offered to give me my first kiss when I come and see her (I met her through our mutual friend, so I've never met her)... is it wrong for me or her morally? I don't think there's anything sexual there for her and I don't plan on doing anything, so I'm basically just asking if it's morally clean.


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  • Well what do you think? If I were her husband, and I saw her kissing another guy, I would consider that cheating and file for divorce, so in my view it is NOT morally clean. What's the point of getting married if she's going to kiss guys other than me? I met this beautiful woman once, we flirted like crazy, but once I found out she was married that was the end of the story. I'm not going to sacrifice my morals for a piece of ass.

  • Mrs. Robinson, are you trying to seduce me?


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