What is it about a girl's appearance that suggests she is available?

How can you tell she is single and available? Any particular signs that lead you to believe a certain girl is more likely to be up for fun?


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  • When it's apparent that she's good-looking.

    It is a stereotype that girls take care about their appearance much more when they're single and let themselves go when they're taken, but very often it's actually true.

    No rings. Not just wedding rings. Some girls wear them as jewelry even if they're single, but it's more likely that a girl who doesn't wear rings is single or wants to be approached compared to a girl who wears them.

  • Not appearance moreso how flirtatious she acts.

    • what do you mean by flirtatious?

    • The way she acts. Generally very outgoing smiling a lot and just trying to get guys attention

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