Why is he ignoring me all of a sudden?

Guys I need your help... This guy you been seeing is going through some stuff he text me in the middle of the night that something was bothering him... I asked him to call me he said he couldn't...I told him we need to talk things over not text to call me when he gets a chance... Well I haven't heard from him... I text him twice checking on him and no response... I don't know what to do next...I don't get it why text me in the middle of the night of he was only going to shut me out? What do I do? We where supposed to hang out tomorrow but now idk... I text him twice do I text him again? I don't wanna come out as needy...


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  • It sounds like there is something going on and he is working it out and needs time. Don't keep texting him. If yall are dating though he should tell you what's wrong. It sounds like yall have a communication problem. But just leave him alone and hopefully he will call or text you tomorrow. If not, just assume yall are still hanging out. If you are supposed to meet somewhere, go there. If he doesn't show up, then I would start worrying. Try calling his siblings or close friends to find out what is going on.