What makes some guys be persistent/beg with going on a date with a girl?

The guy has asked lets say 3 times now. The girl has said no to all of them (kindly though). What made the guy ask the girl on a date THREE times (spaced for a month or so). In each specific occasion, he kind of begs like "oh please come on". This has happened to me with 2 guys. The first guy was a complete player. After the third time I said no he said "WHY? If you don't say yes this time I won't ask you again."...I was like " no prob lol", but this sounded pretty radical to me, if he really liked me he wouldn't have said that. The second guy isn't a player though, but I found it a bit weird how he literally begged me to go on a date with him for the second time. I didn't know guys begged he was like "come on please give us a chance lets just see if it works." after me saying I didn't want to ruin our friendship, he didn't initiate contact after that. if he really liked me he would understand right, not get mad, am I right?Did they really like me so much or were they only about the "chase"? Did they really want a relationship with me?They are 16/17 year old guys btw.I wasn't playing hard to get, I just was NOT interested in pursuing a relationship with them.

Did they really like me so much or were they only about the "chase"? Did they really want a relationship with me?


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  • the kid sounds pretty immature and pathetic and he seems to have a difficult time taking a hint. from a personal standpoint, if I ask a girl out once and she declines, I would never even think of asking twice. I forget all about her and I don't waste anymore time on her, I'll just focus my efforts on some other girl I'm interested in.

    begging lowers your value as a man and it's just plain sad.

    • initially I thought the second one was a player, but I think a player wouldn't beg lol

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  • maybe they think that you'll eventually come around, and they don't want to miss their chance by not asking you a few more times..

    the guy begging you to date him, sounds weird and desperate? probably broke off contact because he's angry with you, embarrassed with himself, and feeling insecure. let him know you still care.


    • lol yes he sounds desperate. after the third time I told him that we could go, but it would be in a week or so since I was sick (which was true). he agreed but he hasn't initiated contact since, he prob thought I wasn't really sick and that I was playing him.

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    • what do you mean you 'came around'?


    • it means I initiated contact:) I was the first to initiate contact the last 2 times.