What does it mean when a guy doesn't text you until late at night?

So, I like this guy, and he tells me he likes me too, we kind of have this relationship thing going on. It's just, he never messages me until like 12 at night, and it makes me think he has someone better to talk to.


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  • well, why you text him first some day, but earlier in the day. then if he doesn't reply back until later he'll probably apologize and say what took him so long, or you can just ask him.



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  • I did this all of the time. Late nights = drinking. Lots of guys get more confident when they drink. Maybe he is light hearted and lacks the courage to tell you how he really feels. I agree with Meridians... shoot him text during the day and see what happens.


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  • bootycall. never answer the a call from a guy after 10:30p if you don't already have a relationship together. or unless you're looking for a bootycall too.

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