What does it mean when a girl never used your name and now she uses it all the time?

I just thought it was weird. I met this girl MONTHS ago and when we talked and stuff she would never say my name but now its like she uses it on almost every sentence. She uses names regularly but damn, its like every sentence lol. Is this normal?


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  • i think I get what you mean but is it when it's just you and her talking or is it no matter who's around?

    • Mmmm good question. I'd have to say when its only me and her talking by ourselves.

    • i guess it depends on how she says it and what she's saying but assuming she's saying it how I think she is then I'd say over time she's grown to like u, I know personally the more I like I guy the more I like to hear his name even if it means me saying it a lot.

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