He doesn't believe in girl boy friendship?

We broke up a month ago. -ish

He keeps contacting me ... He didn't for a while, but recently he's started to... saying we should get together to do something, he wants to take me out to dinner, he misses me etc.

We decided to be friends, so it's all fine, but sometimes I know I say things that reminisce back to the old days, and he says things too... Like I'll say I miss him cooking whatever, and he'll say he'll cook for me again when we see each other.

Stuff like that.

I don't dislike it. And honestly I don't know where I stand ... emotionally... All this feels like the cutesi-ness before people getting together... it makes me think back to the days when he pursued me in the first place.

I know that he doesn't believe in guys and girls being friends where they text each other constantly, calling up one another... etc. He stays in good terms with his exes as in... texting them merry Christmas and saying happy birthday if he remembers.

But with us... it seems a bit more than that.

I don't really know what's going on. This is my first ever break up. What do you guys think?


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  • See No body is perfect, we cannot 100% perfection from every guys and girls. Also we cannot make anyone 100% perfect within instant minutes. Why don't you give a chance. Maybe he had some pressures earlier.. Maybe he has some hurting past. So why not give a chance and make him speak out.

    • do you think he might be trying to... pursue me again? or do you think its just pure loneliness?

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    • There you are !.. accept the truth .. .. wats the point of hiding yourself and killing yourself.. think once again.. be true to yourself..

      try to make him comfortable .. everything will be fine..

    • i hope so... thanks for your advice

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  • i have been in a break up before and to me this more sounds like he is in love with you. Next time you see him you should check his body language and see if you spot anything different he does with you and not his friends.

    • thank you for your advice!

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