She has a boyfriend but won't deny liking me?

She acts like she is into me and will flirt. When other girls I'm friends with ask her if she is interested in me as more than a friend her response is basically 'I have a boyfriend' no denial or acceptance.


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  • It's one of these two situations

    1) She is acting like that with most of the guys she knows. You think she's flirting with you, but that's how she normally acts. And yes, there are girls who have boyfriends but still flirt with others. When you ask them "Why do you act like that?", they say "It's normal". So, yeah, they think it's normal. In this case, she most probably has no special feelings for you.

    2) She likes attention from guys around her. She is leading you on so as to have a nice ego boost. I know girls like that and I feel very sorry for guys who believe she feels something for them. Girls who do such things should be ignored.

    There is a third option too. Maybe she secretly likes you but is afraid you don't feel the same. Maybe she wants her boyfriend, you and everything else. There exist people who want to win everything and lose nothing.

    You know her better. Try to observe how she acts around her friends. Does she seem genuine or fake? Is she honest? Is she humble? etc...Observing her attitude will tell you a lot about her.

    Hope this helps. :)

    • she does act differentlly with me then other guys, I'm her target to pick on and every one seems to think were dating

      Before the girls in my group knew she had a boyfriend they were trying to set us up because she acted interested

      when we are drunk things get real strange, she does things you would never do as a friend and they seem too far even if your leading a guy on. she keeps groping my butt and even went far as to take my hands and grab her chest I pulled them away but she put them back

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    • A group of us went out and she hapenned to come, I said screw her going to find other girls. Everything seems to be going good with another girl then she interjects herself and starts flirting with me in front of this girl. basically ruined my chances with this other girl

    • and that's exactly what she wants. She wanted to ruin your chances with other girls because you're her egotistic supply. I think you should cut all ties with this girl. She's a bad influence.

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