Girls: would you try and start a relationship knowing there will be limited time before he leaves

I'm going travelling in a few months, everything is booked and just saving money now. The last few weeks a girl has been getting quite close with me, even though she knows I'm definitely going away and if anything happens between us its only limited to 3 months. I'm worried that by then things will start getting too serious between us as she keeps pushing things forward, I really don't want to hurt her if it does but if I wasn't going I'd love to be with her, but I also feel like I'm being selfish for letting her push the relationship between us

I'm going away for 3 years or so, so I'm sure she can't really see a relationship carrying on over that amount of time apart this early on.

I met up with her last night and explained my thoughts saying that I was feeling selfish with me leaving her and she didn't say a lot in reply, only that she couldn't come to Australia and visit as she has a criminal record. I'm trying not to let it get too serious but she's doing the opposite, e.g I went to give her a kiss goodbye on the cheek but she turned and kissed me on the lips. She's asked me to start coming out with her group of friends, which she said she never does


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  • No, it seems like too much drama.

  • No, I would want a promise of trying long distance love, frequent visits, etc. before getting too attached to a guy who's going to leave. It's best if you don't start a relationship with her in these circumstances because it's not fair to her.

    Source: my boyfriend may be moving across the country in about a year, but he dropped this on me this after we exchanged the L-word and had sex, and he promised we'll try to make it work. If he didn't promise that I would kick his butt, yo.

    • After reading the update, I'm sorry to hear it didn't go as planned. You did the right thing by telling her your feelings. If you're moving to an entirely different continent, it would be crazy to start anything now. Keep your distance. Good luck, heartbreaker :p hehe

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