I know he likes me but it's hard to reel him in

There's this guy I met while I was working. He's 25 and I'm 21. The first day after getting his number we talked constantly. I know he's into me, but after our first date I feel like he's constantly too busy to hang. I'm worried that I might be texting too much and eliminating the chase. Should I just assume that he may very well be very busy, or am I possibly pushing him away? What's the best way to real him in? We really hit it off on the date.. there was a lot of chemistry.. he agreed.


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  • Texting someone is not the same as either talking to them by phone or face-to-face.


    There is something you need to say to them.

    But! that is only when you need to say something you just can't say in person.

    Only as a last resort!

    Texting is just something that is so cold and impersonal.

    And yes!

    There is such a thing as over killing it!

    Lighten up!

    Give him room as much as you would want.

  • doing nothing will make him do something.


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