Will she text me? Should I text her?

This girl and I were dating for a little, and once we finally had the "what do we want" talk, I could tell she really liked me and cared for me. A week later, the next time we were are to talk, she decided that due to her recent breakup a couple of months ago, she want ready for anything. Fair enough. But then I found out stuff went down with her ex and she had started the normal "the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else." She's quit talking to everyone she met here, she is in town for the summer only, and has been hooking up with this guy. I could tell she didn't want to end things with me anymore than I wanted her to, but I have a feeling she had ashtray started with this other guy and didn't want me to find out. The general consensus is that she avoided a real relationship with me and went for the rebound. The end to us was a pretty tense because I found out about the other guy, and she lied about it and called him a liar. Then she turned around and called me a liar to him and I haven't heard from her since despite a small effort early on. I know she is confused right now and still dealing with an ex while she is living in a foreign state. My question is, do you think she'll come around and text me to try again? Should I text her? There are still a few things I would like answered, as my head is still spinning from the quick change between us. How should I go about handling this and what's going through her mind? She does move back home near the end of August.


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  • I think you should leave this girl alone. You don't know the true story about her ex (just hearsay that supposedly started from her opinion or what she chooses to tell people about her past relationship). You do know she was dating two guys at once and then tried to protect herself by lying to you and then lying about you to the other guy. She doesn't sound trustworthy. I wouldn't believe what you think she felt for you. Sounds like you don't know her.

    I know that sucks to hear but I hear a lot of assumption on your part. However, the real question is do you want someone who lies to you and lied about you. I think she told the truth when she said she's not ready for a relationship. She may care about you enough to know she'll hurt you. the questiosn you want answer, she probably won't answer them. She may not have the answers herself.

    I've been down this road and opening the door again only works because the person finally slams it hard enough in your face. I don't know if she'll text you. If she does, do not begin even friendship until you are clear about what happened and what she wants now.


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