What Happened? Hot and Heavy to Nothing!

Well I was seeing this guy. Pretty average looking guy but he is hot as hell to me. And we had been hitting it off really well. Met his kids friends and family. We all have hung out numerous occasions. Then I get the whole "I don't want a relationship" spill. I ain't got time for games, I can walk away easily. But damn he was fun to be around and I really liked him and just don't like too many guys... too bad I guess. Should I walk or what? It isn't like I am a clingy person or so I don't think so at all, most men say I don't pay them enough attention.. maybe he is hung up on someone else? I hate to walk away all the time but damn what do you do?

Ended up he went back to ex girlfriend and was very nice apologetic and wanted to stay friends and we keep in touch. He is a nice guy just bad timing...


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  • "i don't want a relationship" is a no-go.

    if a man REALLY likes you, he will be open for a relationship - anytime.


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  • Well, its a difficult situation cause you like him and he likes you but at the same time you cannot force love on a person. So the only thing you can do is ignore him. If he is interested in you he will start calling you more and paying more attention to you. With him you simply have to take your time and flirt with other guys. So give him the cold shoulder for a while and as he pays more and more attention to you thinks more and more about why you are not calling him etc... then he will start getting feelings for you. If that doesn't work well you haven't wasted your time on him and you are flirting with other men.

    • Kinda my take on it too, not the groveling type for sure! I can't figure it out it was like he couldn't get enough of me... hell his kid texts me still and his Boyfriend wife talks to me... so who knows what that's about? My friends and family ain't going to contact people I'm not interested in...

  • you may never know why he changed. but it is good that he exhibited this behavior early on, rather than later. Move on. if I were you, I'd completely disappear. no texts, no calls, nothing.