What should I do with her?

I've known this one girl for about 3 years now, and whenever she sees me she always has the biggest smile on her face, yet at times she could be a bitch, I really like and she is in love with my last name.. We always flirt with each other by teasing and pushing each other ever so softly... I really like her and I wanna be with her but I sorta wanna wait until my junior year because she is going to be in cheer, and I'm already in football , what should I do?


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  • A girl isn't gonna wait forever. If you wanna wait til Junior, you should at least assure her that you like her. Like give her signs.

    • Oh she knows , everybody keeps on telling her lol, I have good friends huh -_____-

    • That sucks :S

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  • why would you want to be with a girl who can be a bitch? O.o anyways, if you really like her then go for it. let her know how you're feeling about the situation.


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