What did he mean by this?

So I was talking with some friends and min relevance to the conversation I said to my friend that he was probably good in bed from what I've heard, not that I would know personally. Then my second friend said "well would you like to know if he is good in bed."

I was caught off guard and before I could answer my first friend shot him a don't even go there look. He said not now, cut it off and the subject was dropped.

Why did he act so abruptly? It seems kind of weird. What could it mean?


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  • My impression:

    1st friend may have said to second friend something in regards to having sex with you, 2nd friend hears this and when you bring up the subject of 1st friend possibly being good in bed tries to play match maker and get you two together. 1st friend sees what he's trying to do and cuts him off to avoid things getting really awkward.


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