First kiss and other things?

well I was the guy I like is very nice and sweet he has already kissed! but I have not so wen you do kiss how do you do a romantic one because that's what I am scared of how do I no wen he wants to kiss? what do I do? if I don't want to kiss a certin guy how do I say no nicelly? if they ask me out how should I say yes or no? please help!


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  • You should know when he will want to kiss you. He will lean in close or put his hand under your chin.


    -Put your arms around his should

    -Get as close as possible to him

    -Close your eyes

    -Lean forward


    If you don't want to kiss him. Put your hand around his mouth or look down.

    If he asks you out, just say sure or sorry I can't.


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  • Lol your asking a load of questions. Trust me when I say there's no way any one can tell you how to kiss, it just comes naturally but if your that nervous, practice with your hand or wall it helps.