How can I learn to be in a relationship again?

I haven't been in a relationship for so long that I think I've forgotten how to relate to being in one? Its been almost 4 years that I've been single because of depression and also I was hung up over my ex but now I'm taking a conscious step forward to moving on for good. However I feel like I've lost the ability to relate to girls. Last night I met up with a few friends and a girl that I used to flirt with was there, but she's taken now. She did touch me here and there and it felt really good because I haven't felt that kind of touch in so long (nothing sexual). How can I learn to be in a r/s again?


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  • I'm honestly on that same boat. And it is difficult, learning to trust and open up and be around a significant other again. But from my experience so far, I've learned take it slow and don't back out out of fear. It's not too detailed, but it's pretty to-the-point, in my opinion.


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  • The first relationship you can ever learn from, is the relationship you have with yourself.

    I noticed you said you have been depressed. Have you dealt with what is upsetting you first?

    • brilliant comment!

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    • It is, thanks :) I am actually and I've learned that I have a fear of abandonment and low levels of self esteem. I need to learn to get over these first.

    • You can do it. It just takes some time to yourself. I feel you should be happy first.

  • You'll learn one step at a time. Just be patient and don't move too quickly when you meet someone. First be her friend, and if you like each other then go for it one step at a time.

  • forget about the past...i am also in the same situation...i am taking one day at a time..let the guy come to me instead of


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