Why can't I attract good-quality women?

There seems to be something wrong with me preventing me from getting involved with good women. I don't know why I can't attract quality women though since I'm a very funny, intelligent, decent-looking guy with a heart of gold. However, the vast majority of the women that seem to take an interest in me, whether its romantic or sexual, are physically unattractive, have bad personalities, and/or are incredibly needy and unstable. On the rare occasion that a good-looking woman with a good personality takes an interest of that degree in me, they are always incredibly flaky and never seem to have the opportunity to date or even just to hang out. Why can't I attract good-quality women that are reliable and if there's nothing wrong with me, how can I find attractive women with good personalities that aren't flakes?


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  • Be better.

    • Can you be more specific?

    • i like your username =P hahaa. that's all I had to say =P

    • Self improvement. We can all be better, none of us are perfect. Physically and mentally...

      "Every man who knows how to read has it in his power to magnify himself, to multiply the ways in which he exists, to make his life full, significant, and interesting."

      -Aldous Huxley

      Like attracts like (IMO), become the type of person you wish to attract, but you also have to get out there in the world.

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  • All women are good. As long as they got a torso and a little fuzz on their noggin.

  • Were in the same boat.

  • Dang I'm with you meng

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