Just met this guy, what do I do?

I was out shopping and this guy just walked up to me and started talking to me. He asked what I like to do for fun. He asked if I had a boyfriend and told me I was really pretty several times. Then, he asked me if I'd go out with him sometime and I said sure and gave him my number, but I don't know. He caught me off guard and I'm not sure I want to go out with a total stranger, especially one who told me I was pretty 2 minutes after meeting me. That's kind of forward for me.

He seemed really nice, but usually when I meet a guy, I have pretty good instincts as to whether I'll like him as more than a friend or not. It was just kind of weird, I guess. I'm 19 and no one has ever stopped me in a store and asked me out before. And with the experiences I've had with guys, I like to be friends first and then date. It just works out better that way. And the other thing that bothers me is that most people who don't know me say I look like I'm about 16 because I'm short and look it in the face. From what this guy was saying about himself, I think he's at least 21, if not older. He looks a lot older than me, actually. I don't know why, but it just kind of bugs me.

I'm freaking out a little because I don't date much at all and this is very nerve wracking for me especially because I'm extremely shy. I've just been hoping to meet a lot of people now that I'm in college and make friends with people before jumping to the whole dating thing. Plus, a few months ago I had a really bad experience where a guy really hurt me and I'm still trying to get over him. And like I said before, I usually have good instincts about whether I'll like a guy or not and I just wasn't sure about him.

What do I do? I'm freaking out. We texted for a little while and he seems nice, but he kept calling me "pretty girl" and I just think it's too forward and I don't like that. And he asked me if we could go out tomorrow. We just met today. I'm going to be out of town so that buys me a few days, but then he asked me what I was doing Sunday. I told him I'd have to see if I'd be back in town. What do I do?

Looks like I'm not going out with him. Just checked his Facebook and found out he's 28 years old. Too old for me. No wonder I felt uncomfortable.


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  • Congrats! You've just been pulled! Wheee, you must be something for a guy to want to walk up and talk to you. No offense, but you're 19, so your instincts are probably still maturing. Go have a date. Keep it daytime, casual as possible.

    Since you seem inexperienced don't go take up his offer to check his place out or invite him over to your place.

    Don't do anything that doesn't make you comfortable (aside from going on the actual date). Use protection!

  • i dunno. you didn't seem too comfortable with the way he engaged you or his vibe so when it comes down to it and you have to do something, I'd try to talk to him more through text or over the phone to get to know him a bit better before you decide to go out and do something together.


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