Guys, would it bother you if a girl initiated texts?

once in a while and put her feelings out there more than once...but he usually texted and said he liked her a lot but has not asked her out and they knew each other from high school


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  • girls would text is a yes :D

    that would b great! ... girls doin that once is so goood :)

    & yeah you shud txt!

    if you like him show your feelings :)

    • what if I am straight forward and he gives me words but no actions

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    • that would be difficult for you ...

      hope he doesn't be a coward :D

      & if he likes you he ll ask you out ..

      btw how old are yu?

    • Thanks, hopefully he stops playing games, I am 20. I know right, why am I waiting around, I guess he is one of the guys that really has me caught up because I knew him from high school and he was kind, and funny. I turned down like 6 guys this year, and dated one and he just did not seem interesting at all. I feel hopeless at this point.

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  • You like him and he likes you most likely both are too shy or are busy with other stuff. Ge aggressive.

    • A little more help with details please >.< I would appreciate it.

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    • Thank you for the advice, I will see how this all works out, hope you have a great summer as well

    • Thank you and you are welcome and keep me updated

  • sounds like you two clearly like each other its just nobody has made the move to ask one another out. I say do it.

    • What if I already told him that when am I gonna see him and he says soon, that he is just busy with school and work =\ As a guy, do you think he does not want anything serious and just likes texting?

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    • Then yeah he's busy. Too much to juggle right now it seems.

    • I guess il see if he asks me out by the end of summer, or else I will just turn away from him because I don?t need bs in my life.

  • of course, if only more girls initiated more


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  • Guys like it when women are straight forward with them

    • Yeah huh, except some don't take it well =\

    • Well the ones who don't aren't the ones you want to be going after then lolz Because most likely he is immature and likes to play games