Text messages and relationship status?

This guy and I met through a friend, we have been texting since, when we first started he said stuff that I felt were crossing the lines between friends and not friends, also I told him that we should take it slow, like super slow. He agreed and told me he too is not looking for anything right now (this was 4 weeks ago), now we text almost every day, sometimes all day, or to the next day...

To the point were we share pictures of food, head shots, pets, meme.. Etc. And he has told me that we texted over 3000 messages. (openly joked I took his 3000 mark virginity).. He is sweet, thoughtful and quite funny. Is this normal in a friend relationship or are we both denying were in something...

also he keeps me posted on stuff he does (going to dinner, Friends bachelor party... Going to a strip club, making dinner...Etc.) randomly, I don't really ask, he just shares.

thank you!

...still wondering about this...


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  • I think he might like you alot! Guys just don't tell you everything unless yall are serious. You should talk to him again to see where his head is at ONLY if you would like to be his girl. If you want to stay friends then let him come to you when he's ready.


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  • Yeah this isn't a friendship. You guys like each other, either that or at the very least he def likes you. No guy gives a girl that much attention unsolicited unless he's interested in her.

    • well, in all reality we almost text every day some times all day, lately due to busyness we send pictures less and random messages but still talk all the time.

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    • even if he sent me a email to go over his submission to a job?

    • Yes, men are not like women. If he is sharing personal info it means he likes you, not that he sees you as just a friend.

  • Not normal. I don't share that much info with my current girlfriend, but then again I see her enough to tell her what I'm doing or whatever. Someone has a crush!

    • even if we discussed the whole... "not ready thing"

    • You guys seem to push to the boundary of a relationship without actually getting there. Maybe this is his way of showing he's doing stuff, that he's a fun and cool guy, or maybe this is his way of keeping in contact. Either way, it's a lot of information being shared.

    • ..like the whole sharing thing.. plus I give him space to message me.

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  • I think you too are denying it but you don't really have to label it. If you want you could talk to him about maybe trying to be exclusive but still taking it slow. Nothing has to really change, if you two are happy just continue on(:

  • Um, he seems just like a good friend, except for the 'virginity' comment.