Should I ask our mutual friend? should I call her and leave a message?

met a really nice girl at a friend's bbq. we messaged each other almost everyday for over a month. while she keeps on requesting to hang out, I kept delaying a meeting because I have been busy with work and trying to push out a project. so, we finally met for some coffee and had a great time (I think). after coffee, she stopped talking to me. it takes her nearly a week to reply to my calls, messages and texts, if she even decides to reply. WHAT HAPPENED? we stopped talking for a month now. should I write to her to ask what happened? should I ask our mutual friend? should I call her and leave a message? should I let it be? is it that I need closure? so weird... please help. thanks


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  • The physical attraction wasn't there. End of story. Move on to the next one.

    • physical attraction? how so? like connection/chemistry? or my looks? in terms of physical appearance, I think that I am well built, in fashion, take good care of myself and at least a decent face. I'm just so curious what happened...

    • Dunno, but its an old familiar tale. Two people chat up a storm and when they finally meet, one of em flies away..

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  • She may have lost interest due to you putting her off so much. If that's the case, explain to her why you did and maybe she'll understand. Girls DO tend to get rather annoyed when even simply being rejected to hang out.

    • but we eventually met... and I think had a good time... plus, she knows that we are only friends... did she expect too much? or am I expecting too much?

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    • Go right ahead. She may act oblivious.

      Girls don't usually avoid guys without a reason, maybe she now thinks you aren't interested anymore. Women logic is one of the most confusing things on earth, remember..

    • ...OK... thanks!

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  • Simple, ask the mutual friend.

    • thinking about it, but I kind of don't want to bring it to the mutual friend's attention. I think that this would be my last resort... thanks

  • You kept pushing her off, givng her the impression that you weren't into her.

    This might be her revenge, or she might have just gone off you too.

    • really? how can I resolve this now?

    • You can't. This is her thing, whether it's revenge or just her deciding she's not into you.

    • ... thanks

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