Guys, how would you feel if this happened to you?

so let's say you're going out with a girl and things are going really well. you invite her to 2 parties both for your birthday. the first one you went swimming but she was really sick so she couldn't come. the second one I sat some club. she was really honest with you and told you that clubbing isn't her scene and she'd just end up being quiet and uncomfortable. you tell her that you understand and that it's OK.

1- do you think he likes me less now?

2- is he really mad or disappointed in me?

3- what can I do to make it up for him?


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  • most guys would understand and try and evolve into your way of life and do the things you enjoy doing, and he should appreciate the fact that you done something with him even though you no longer enjoy it, so don't worry about how he would feel about this, because if he thinks anything of you, he will make an effort to do something you enjoy doing, because after all, he should want to be with you more than he does his mates, so he will be willing to change a few things for you if he is truly into you,x

  • I know I wouldn't like you less. I would be disappointed in the fact that you couldn't come; I'd miss your presence, but definitely wouldn't be mad at you. If you really feel like you want to make it up to him invite him somewhere you two can hang out: go bowling, chill at the park or go out for coffee. Just make sure you to can actually hang out and talk like you would've at the party.


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