Does he still want to see me?

I'm overseas for a week and a half. he knew I was going..for weeks beforehand he was talking about us getting together when I get back and our goodbye was very sweet and affectionate and he told me to let him know as soon as I am back. but we don't have a way to talk while I'm away.

so do you think he still wants to see me when I'm back?


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  • I can't see any reason to think otherwise, unless you know something that could suggest so? x

    • no, I'm just a pessimist so not speaking to him makes me worried that it's over...even though he spoke about seeing me on a certain day after I'm home and everything, and said to contact him when I'm home so we can reunite.

    • I don't think you have anything to worry about at this point, so go with his word and see what happens when you return, you have to trust he means what he says, otherwise your on a bad road anyway,x

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  • I agree with stubbsy. Give him the benefit of the doubt for now (And I'm a pessimist too, don't worry). If he's really distant when you return, there's a problem. But for now, relax.