Does odd comments mean he is controlling?

this guy chased me for months, kept turning him down, finally won me over, an acclaimed player he is, so I kept this in mind, BUT..he wanted to see me all the time, take me shopping, took me out to eat. stayed at his house all the time (less than 2 wk period this happened) wanted to know if I was comfy, needed anything to eat or snack on, didn't wanna have sex tho (claimed I might get pregnant & said it changes things slowly & eventually) I had my tubes tied 15 years ago, and he said yea, that's what the ex said & now I have an 8yr old daughter..lots of kisses and snuggling, groping blah blah, lots of sexless passion. if I didn't text him enough during the day, he would say something, Haven't heard much from you 2day, if I didn't invite myself somewhere, he would say why didn't you want to come with, I had told him over and over I can't read his mind & he needs to ask. met his daughter and they went 2 4th of July parade, I said have fun (he never asked if I wanted to come with) and when I met him later that didn't wanna come to the parade or what...geez! I said it was unclear & he needs to ask if I wanna, & during the day he went with daughter & family, & he calls me up to tell me I should go to the park Because he didn't want me to be alone all day while he was gone...WTF? always had to tell him I don't invite myself places or assume anything. he's mad at me now anyways & ignoring me Because I brought up an ex in relationship convo & he told me to leave, Haven't heard from him now even tho I apologized, said I was asking all my friends about him etc (NOT) they provided me w/info willingly & he said I believe everything people say etc, but why all those comments & assumptions I am just gonna text him all day & go everywhere he wants to go w/o him asking me anyways? l was getting tired of explaining why, was he that insecure of my feelings, he knows I really like him and only want to see him & I have shown him more than enough by being with him & telling him. what gives on his behavior ? I have more than apologized & told him I do not believe other people & really like him blah blah, but ignoring me still


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  • I think you should let this one go. He sounds very controlling and very overly emotional. If you apologized then he should have forgiven you if he's a mature adult. The fact that he is ignoring you shows that his main concern is himself and he probably is doing it to get more attention from you if he has said that you don't give him that much. I just that that he came on really strong for a person you have only dated for 2 weeks. And if you know he is a player than you should be weary of him...because that's nothing but bad news. It's bad enough dealing with someone who's a self proclaimed lady's man but if you also have to deal with low self esteem and an overly emotional personality then this relationship will be nothing but drama, drama, drama! If you want that then stick around...if not, then run for the hills!