Went on a first date.... no second date yet.. ?

Went on a "first date" with a guy I've been talking to for a few months. It was our first time meeting in person and first date, It was cool. We laughed a lot. He leaned into me a lot to show me pictures/videos on his ipod that I have been waiting to see.

I texted him telling him I enjoyed it after since I had to cut it short because of a work thing. and he said he did too. We bantered a little then went to bed.

Now normally we text a lot, almost every day at least 4-5 days a week (including weekends) So it was normal for me to text him.

He didn't text me the next day (which is normal sometimes) but when he did text me the following day it was all laughs and smiles. I said "you're lucky I didn't push you for being mean (jokingly)" and he was like "oh please you were too shy to do anything :P" and we joked from there.

But there hasn't been a mention for a second get together yet. It's been 5days now.

Kind of worried he's not interested.

We didn't kiss or anything. - I didn't expect that.

I initiated the hug at the end.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Bring it up.. show that your interested in setting up another get together. If he set the first one up, he may be waiting for this from you. like a confirmation that your interested back. If he set the first date up, that shows you he's probably interested. So ask him that you are curious when you'll hangout again.

    • I'm horrified to do that because he's a really nice guy and he's told me before he went through a horrible date because he was too nice to reject her and just took her home and never spoke to her again. So I'm scared, I want him to ask me because I don't want him to feel obligated and 'too nice' if I ask him.. you know?

What Girls Said 1

  • maybe he's wondering the same thing or waiting for you. this is the now girl, don't be shy and ask him casually if he wants to hang out again sometime, or tell him it would be cool to hang out again, and see what happens. if you ask him at least you will know because his comment of you being to shy to do anything is probably a hint.