Do you think he still wants to hang out?

i asked this guy I've been talking to for a month to hang out tomorrow through text, he replied quickly and said yes. we started discussing what we should do, and then he suddenly stops replying.. that was this afternoon and now it is midnight. I'll probably call him tomorrow to see if he still wants to go, nothing to lose I guess. but if he stops texting like it because he's changed his mind? we've hung out like three times before


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  • I think you should take a step back. Many people myself included, have this problem. We want somebody, they ignore us and in stead of playing it cool we immediately call them, or send them a bunch more texts. I have been guilty of this multiple times, and it has pushed girls away. My suggestion to you is DO NOTHING. If he texts you great, if he doesn't wait at least a few days to text him.

    • Thanks..I guess you're right.

      I got so excited that he agreed..guess I'll have to find something else to do tomorrow *sigh*

    • I agree with Stewartdent. Also, you asked him out. Maybe he wasn't sure if he wanted to go out.

      Or, maybe he does, but was waiting for someone else to do something with. He knows you like him. If he wants something with you, then let him make the move.

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  • Hey chicka!
    I have been here and Done that.
    Do not Call him tomorrow or anything. STAY as far away from you cell as possible, if he did not finish the convo about you guys hanging out, just drop it. If he REALLY wanted to he would have text you back with deets (gentlemen are like that) Sorry baby girl, I hope it works out for you don't wait till he messages you, he is not the center of your universe and I'm pretty sure you can do better, so if he texts you tomorrow wait till you feel its convenient to text him back and that you deserve respect...

    Heres the thing, if a guy really REALLY liked you, he would move heaven and hell to contact you.. texting takes min... not even SECONDS to communicate with anyone... and I'm sure he had a sliver of time to himself to text the cutie he's been chatting with.

    you take care now and hopes this helps.

  • Let him contact you, if he's willing to hang out with you then he will contact you.

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