Why would a girl show interest but decline hanging out alone?

This girl was using a mutual friend to have an excuse to talk to me and she was flirting with me (touching my arm and shoulder and good eye contact). But our mutual friend was there the whole time like I thought it was kind of middle-schoolish for her to need him there or need him as an excuse to talk to me. Like she said he needed to talk to me and when we found him he had nothing to say and then she started talking to me (childish isn't it?)

Well anyway we were talking having a good time and I brought up some fireworks that were gonna be going off later that night and invited her to come with. She looked at our mutual friend and said if he wanted to go, and I asked in a teasing way if she wouldn't go if he didn't, like was this they were both going or none of them going kinda thing you know?

She didn't seem willing to go to the fireworks thing alone with me and she ended up not going. So why would she be flirty and do all this but then decline going to spend time with me?>


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  • Sounds to me like she is more interested in your friend then you. Either that or she's playing "hard to get" with you.

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