What should I do about what she told me?

The other night I was texting an ex, we broke up years ago but continued with a friendship(we are now close again). She gave me a song that was basically all about a girl wishing a boy was with her and wanting to give the boy another chance. After I listened to it I said 'I wish I could say what's on my heart but still have tomorrow be as if it never happened' she told me to do it. I opened up and said that I liked her a lot still and wished that we could her and I another try. To which she said she felt the same way. We then talked about how I stayed single because I was afraid it would hurt her to see me with another girl, she said it would have. Then she told me that she only dated so many other guys to feel as if she had moved on. All of this happened the night of 4th of July and we have texted a lot since. She says that she is 'tired' and having 'bad days' which is why she seems grumpy but yet she told me on night of the 4th that she was only grumpy so much because she has hid how she feels about me from everyone. Do you think there's a correlation there? Such as she is trying to pull back her feelings again into a shell but she doesn't want to stop talking to me. That night she also told me she blocked out of her memory the night that I went to homecoming with a girl that I have liked for quite a long time. She also opened up and told me that she has been waiting for us to live in the same place, which would be college, for more than one week to act upon her feelings again. Do you think she told me the truth in that one night because of the agreement to act as if the conversation never happened?


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  • It seems that you both like each other. Why don't you just go out with her? Don't lead her on anymore. If you don't like her enough to be with her for more than a few days, then you are just leading her on.

    Go out with her or move on.

    • We live far away though, about 200 miles apart...

    • I once had a boyfriend that lived three hours away from me. We each took turns going to each others hometowns (every weekend or every other weekend). We flew and/or drove depending on things. Eventually, he quit his job and moved to my town (where his family lived, where he grew up and where I met him). If two people like each other, they will find a way to make it work.

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