Should I be suspicious of my boyfriend?

Long story short, my boyfriend told me that he was broke and didn't have ANY money in his account. So when his Netflix subscription bill rolled around he didn't have the money in his account to pay for it. WELL I go to pay for it yesterday and its all ready been paid for!

Soo I tell him about it and he doesn't know how its been paid. He claims that he is completely broke and doesn't have any money. Just yesterday his friend loaned him some money to get his car out of the shop. So I don't know wtf is going on with my boyfriend, he doesn't want to question how his subscription got paid and I'm increasingly more suspicious by now. Because I KNOW Netflix isn't just going to give him service without him paying. SOME ONE had to have put money into his account. He must have money he isn't telling me about. The reason I am so concerned is because I have been helping out my boyfriend alot...financially.

Does this sound suspicious to you?


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  • Absolutely it does.

    I would ask him about the Netflix acct (in a casual fashion).


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  • He could be enrolled in auto-payments with Netflix. Meaning when his bill is due Netflix automatically debits his bank account. Even if his account didn't have any money in it at the time, most banks allow a certain amount of over-drafting. So if his payment went in automatically and was over-drafted, Netflix would've gotten their money even if he doesn't have anything in the bank.

    • The thing is...when I went on his Netflix account two days ago there was a notification on his account saying the auto debit didn't go through and that he needed to pay it in order to continue receiving service from them. That's why I was going to pay it last night. Something isn't right...

    • Yeah in that case it's definitely suspicious.