Is he trying to tell me his feelings through actions?

Out of the blue my guy friend just came up a little behind my side and wrapped both arms around me in a hug. I couldn't move.. I was kind of squashed against him.. lol. After about maybe 3 seconds he asked "are you okay?" ..confused I said "yeahh.. I'm okayy" (I still can't move) he didn't let go until like maybe 5 seconds? It felt longer.. What was this all about? Is he trying to tell me he has feelings for me through his actions?

(is this enough information?.. there is more I could say.. but this was what really triggered the questions)

Please help thanks! :)

Also why did he ask if I was okay? I'm afraid to ask him about his feelings.. because I don't want to make him or me feel awkward. :/ help


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  • Sounds like he thinks you're mad at him got some reason, and he's trying to say sorry without knowing exactly what he's sorry for. Just come right out and ask him if he thinks you're mad at or upset with him and I'm sure he'll appreciate the opportunity to find out if he's right.

    • thanks for answering =] I'm not mad at him though, and he seemed fine before and after.

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