Never came over and now ignoring my text?

I've been flirting with this guy for about 2 months now we've had sex before but it was kind of a ONS thing. anyway he always flirts with me and pretty much told me he wants to date me but in a really confusing way. I invited him to come to my place ( mostly so I could ask him about the text in person) he said he was gonna come over and then we were texting a few hours before he was meat to come over and he said he was at a mates and he'll call me soon. he never called and it had been 4 days so I texted him "hey handsome, what are you up too?" and he hasn't replied it's now been 2 days. what happened I'm so confused.

i just reread it and the way I worte it made it sound like he just wants sex. but that's defiantly not the case he told me he doesn't want to waste his time with me if I just want to have sex but he really wants to have sex with me. so in other words he wants to date me. and he also knew that I invited him over to watch movies and hangout. not for sex. we both made it clear that we don't just want to have a sex relationship ( which is why I wante dto talk about it in person)


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  • He may be just distancing himself for a bit to see how hooked to him you are. He also could have lost interest and talking to someone else. It's hard to say, but don't give into him too much and follow him around, constantly sending him texts etc.

    • oh I won't haha, if he doesn't reply to my text I'm not going to try again. but this has nappend before. we were texting heaps and then suddenly stops texting and replying. about one month later he texts saying how we haven't talked in awhile and now like 2 months later his not replying again. it's weird