My friend is wondering is this bad?

My friends boyfriend didn't call or text her all morning, but his cousins and uncles arrived from Chicago he hasn't seen them in a long time. He didn't text nor call her in the morning not even to say good morning. She had to text him various times and after a long time he finally responded. Very apologetic I may add. My friend is getting a little worried. She thinks that he should have at least texted her saying good morning at least. She kinda doesn't like that he was about to ignore her for the whole day. (Her words not mine). What do you guys think was it good or bad what he did? Advice? Because my friend really needs it.


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  • He has relatives in that he hasn't seen in awhile. So what if he didn't text "Good Morning" my advice tell her to stop being insecure and to grow up.

    • okei dokes :) thank u

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  • I think that he was busy with seeing family he never get's to see, and she shouldn't think anything of it, he's busy, and spending time with people he hasn't seen in a long time, let him hang out with them, he will text her when he's not busy

  • Tell your friend to give him the same kind of treatment. Rather than calling him and texting him just ignore him.

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