Is it possible for an engaged man to have a crush on another girl?

is it possible for a man who just got engaged 4 months ago with a girl that he loves to develop a crush on another girl who is working with all day?


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  • Yes. Everyone is different in their approach to why they get married. Some people feel like they are totaly in love with someone and want to spend the rest of their life with them (and have eyes for no one else). Some people really care and love the person and know that the other person would be a good partner for life (and they wouldn't want to harm that relationship).

    Some people develop crushes on a lot of people. Some think about sex a good amount of the time. Some people will cheat sexually and not think it is so bad as they think it is more important to have a deep connection emotionally (like with a wife).

    So, it is more about what you want for yourself and your marriage. Do you want to worry about the next crush and how he will handle it? Has this happened before?

    If he has a crush (he must have told you) and he thinks about her all the time (which is what a crush implies) that is not a good sign. It will probably fade for him at some point, but sometimes desires are hard to let pass by. Good luck.

  • Yes, it is possible.