Unsure about next step, gals?

Without wanting to, I made my girlfriend's female cousin angry whilst we were talking the other day online. I made a bad joke while trying to find her some male company. Of course, being a gentleman I apologized and she said it was no problem. Here's the thing, I want to apologize in person and I'm getting no response. I just want it to be known how sorry I am. This is also putting a strain on my relationship, my girlfriend called me a "rude, ordinary person" yesterday.

Do I just leave it as is? I just don't know what else I can do.


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  • You already apologized. Don't drag it out. If you do end up seeing the cousin at some point, just be nice. If it is brought up, laugh a little about it and say yeah... I know, I feel bad, I didn't mean it. I am glad you/she accepted my apology (hugs and kisses-- don't say that, do it).

    If your girlfriend keeps ragging on you even after you apologized and just keeps it up -- tell her in a straight forward way, that you apologized and the cousin accepted so let's move on (too bad).

    • Apparantly, the cousin still has a bad impression of me. I was being rude without even realising it. So it's me with the iniciative, trying to find ways to make things better. I'm getting short answers from my girlfriend, and nothing at all from her cousin.

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    • You were joking so it isn't that bad. I think your girlfriend's cousin has issues. Unfortunately your girlfriend is close with her and will probably stick up for her. What you did was no big deal. I would just let it go. It isn't worth all the hassle. Now you can just say that none of your friends would probably want to spend time with someone who doesn't have a sense of humor. OK don't say that, but just go on your trip and have fun with your girlfriend (maybe the cousin can stay home).

    • Her cousin forgave me for real, and now I have to focus on my girlfriend. Women around here are known to be a little s**tty, I think that's why she blew a gasket. Anyway, today her cousin and I parted on good terms.

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  • please, a real man never apologizes. there's your strike number one! and now you want do it the second time. you're unbelievable.

    • What a chauvinist opinion! A real man ALWAYS apologizes. Don't worry though, whenever someone does me wrong they know about it.

    • yeah, real p**** whipped man does.

      and if I would be in your place I would keep your girlfriend in check. how does she even dare call you rude, ordinary person?

    • Like I said, I have been angry at other people's mistakes including hers. For example, she lied to me once about something and I got very, VERY annoyed with her and it took her days for me to accept her apology. So no, I'm not "p**** whipped". Real love is a two-way street, simple as that.

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