Why would he pay 40 cents a minute to talk to me in Canada and Facebook me

in the past guys act all into me messaging me and what not then out of the blue they just stop. I have been casually dating this guy for almost over a month now. I have known him for a year and we went on two dates then I had to go to Canada for vacation (its been four weeks). we will being going to two different schools in two different states in like a month and while I am in Canada he is calling me and messaging me and saying he hella misses me. its been two days and he hasn't messaged me or call me. then again I know he works and when I get back he wants to be with me as much as possible he says then he and I will talk before we leave for college again. I have been friends with him for like a year and a half and had a crush on him through out the whole time...i mean he has to be interested in me because why would he pay 40 cents a minute to talk to me in Canada and Facebook me...none of my friends are even doing that...so am I being paranoid since its only been a day and a half since we talked


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  • yea! give it a break..haha relax for a minute...maybe he ran out of quarters..lol

    • haha yeah sorry just scared aftr the last few guys did the same thing except this one is lasting longer and I am in the different country at the moment

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    • maybe this one is the one..:-)

    • he could be I mean I get great feelings with him no fights and he plays it day by day and I miss hearing his voice so I think that is why I am getting slightly paranoid and nervous that he hasn't said anything in four days so it has happened with him before and for once I am not self sabatoging myself

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