This girl at work broke up with her boyfriend and we are connecting. What should I do?

There is this girl at work who recently broke up with her boyfriend last month who she dated with for a year and a half. We were always friendly at work but it seems we have grown a lot closer especially when her relationship started to go bad. we text quite a bit about 2-3 times a week for about an hour at a time. I just don't know if I am asking her to hang out too soon. also if I get rejected I don't want work to get awkward because we get along great. but then again I feel ya never know until you try. what do you all think? this is really starting to bother me.


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  • It may be hard to hear, but I think she's either A) on the rebound and looking for something to fill the void that's been filled for the past year and a half or B) she's just looking for comfort. In either case, it would be wrong to take advantage of her vulnerability. Wait a few weeks or a couple months, and if the feelings are still there, then you should act on them.


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  • Run away.

    You'd be rebound material. No bueno.


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  • Well instead of thinking I like ger ill let her know.

    Go like I like her but I don't let her know

    Your going to get hurt if you let her know, besides nothing is wrong to hang out with your colleagues after work you know

  • Office romances are not "the" best place to meet/date people.

    Bc everyone has their own little quirks and perks about themselves.

    Also! if things (romance) get to be a bit too much!

    Then! look what you have to do ea. day?

    Face seeing her!

    And she the same!

    The list is just endless!

  • don't ever get involved with a co worker. period.

    unless you're a boss and you can fire her.

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