Boys: have you ever been infatuated with a girl at first sight?

well, yes, you did notice her clear, pretty eyes, and sweet smile etc. but it wasn't just about pure physical attraction (as in: "she's sexy / cute / pretty and I want to do her") but it was a bit more like: "she's beautiful and there's something special about this girl that shines through".

as a girl I've experienced this type of "tender infatuation" with a couple of guys before, but I'm wondering if it ever happens to you guys as well.

it's basically a feeling you get when you look at someone and you feel strong physical attraction mixed with genuine tenderness, hard to explain but tried my best! :)


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  • as I explained to a girl I met on my first day at uni, having talked a bit on fb before term started (it's a bit melodramatic, it was sent right before I was fairly convinced I was about to die and I was fairly amped up on a mix of numerous things):

    hell, the first time I talked to you on fb I thought you were sweet

    the first time I saw you I thought you were hot

    the first time I talked to brain shut down

    I thought I was going insane

    because at that moment I could have sworn that I was dreaming, or that angels really did exist

    and that we've talked so much? Shared all the stuff we have, traded insults and sweet words and everything in between and more?

    Now I know

    now I know they DO exist

    and I'm one of the only people ever to have met one without dying first

    hell, I'm almost crying as I write this because I love you so f***ing much, that this isn't even a fraction of what I want to say.

    Theres too much

    So in short, yeah, I know exactly what you mean. There was something special. then when she came over and we got talking it was just...everything else just faded out at the edges of my vision. everything just narrowed down.


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  • Yes, but I suppress it. It makes no sense as a man to telegraph your interest to a girl in totally clear terms, as it kills any playful tension which is necessary to build attraction in the girl's mind. Mentally drooling over how wonderful she is will be off-putting to her. Instead, teasing, joking or treating her like a little sister is the best way to go, even if I think highly of her at first sight. So, I might think it, but I never show it.

  • promise not to tell? yes, Salma Hayek...I can't have her beating down my door and throwing herself at my feet

  • frankly yes :D

    have had that too many times .. but to people I don't meet much :)

    u get infatuations but then its not love! its natural for normal people :P

    & then if its some classmate or something you can always go and talk to that infatuation :P

    so yeah I have had infatuatuions ;) ( sometimes they turn out to be too good )

  • lol I just get a feeling where id do anything to bone her xD

  • yes stupid move.

  • Yes, it was a mistake though... Major misstep. =P


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