Her heart and mind say one thing, but her gut says different?

What does it mean that says she has strong feelings for me and that she is happy when she sees me and is with me (we are three hours apart). But then says her gut is telling her it won't work out and she is not 100% why she feels that way. Says I have done everything to make her happy and have gone beyond what she could ever want from a guy. Told me I did things and said things that no one has ever done. Said I gave her butterflies and and how easy I am to talk to. She said she thinks it would be best not to see each other tonight...

She is worth everything, never have met someone like her. she didn't seem like she wanted to talk about it last night (pretty much ignored my text by saying probably won't be able to talk going out with friends. sorry hope you have a good rest of your evening and knowing she is not good with words at the moment when talking I wrote a letter for her and to help me get my thoughts on paper. Should I send it or let her be? figured then she could write if she wanted.


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  • It means she wants to be with but she isn't sure if your the right one for her because of some reasons she hasn't disclosed to you or something.

  • most people rely on their instinct, their "gut"

    so for whatever reason she likes you but something is telling her to "be careful" so that part of her is cautious

    it doesn't mean you have to let her go. just keep talking and see where it goes, time can change people sometimes.

    • So is it okay to send her an message with the letter I wrote about things telling her when she wants to talk she can call me when she is ready. Is it dumb to write (I really do feel this) that I would want her apart of my life (however she wants) than to not have her at all?

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    • yep, then go for it

    • don't think I am going to send it... may come off to strong since she has already been acting like she is distancing herself. thanks for the chat

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