Talking to him? Yes / No.

We have liked each other for 2 years in a way. He has hugged me ( he said that it was my x-mas present ), we have eyelocked a lot and he remembered my name and we have talked a little.

I'd like to talk to him more. But I'm not sure how to do it? And should I do it. Or is it my imagination that he fancies me?


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  • For me at least,

    For the most part I only eye lock with people I like, but sometimes I do look away. Lock just long enough for the person to notice.

    A hug for a Xmas gift is something I'd do if I liked the person as well. However I have also done this as a joke gift before.

    See if he wants to grab a cup of coffee or tell him you want to see a movie like The Dark Knight Rises but no one wants to go with you.

    If your lucky, he'll ask to go with you.


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